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Just last week, we repaired a chimney from a home in Arlington MA. The client gave us a call, described the damaged repair, and scheduled a time for us to stop by the house to inspect the chimney to see just how damaged it was; when we do these inspections, we usually check to see if the client needs a repair or if they need a complete rebuild. Luckily for this Arlington MA client, they only needed a crown repair; so based on the damage, we gave this gentleman an estimate on how much the project would cost. The next day, he gave us a call and wanted to schedule a time where we can get started on the job.

Crowns may seem like a small part of the chimney, but it is a very important part; having a cracked crown, or no crown at all can lead to some costly repairs down the road. The main function of the crown is the prevent water from entering into the walls of your chimney; once water hits the walls of your chimney, over time it will cause rust and erosion. If you continue to let water attack your walls, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to get it fixed! Also, crowns help prevent animals, like raccoons from getting inside your chimney.We were able to install a new crown, luckily the chimney walls were still in good shape.

For more information about our chimney repairs, please give Robbins Roofing a call at 978-535-3682. We will help fix and repair any of your chimney needs!