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We just repaired a garage door roof in Danvers MA; this garage was two doors, and you could tell that it was in need of some repairs! We inspected the garage carefully to determine whether it needed a repair or a complete reinstall. Upon inspection, we determined that the roof could be salvaged with quite a bit of repairs, but it did not need a complete reinstall.

So we don’t the owner of the home that his garage did not need a new roof, but it was in need of some new slates; there were parts of the roof that had holes, there were nails sticking out everywhere, one big storm and that thing was going down!

So we ordered some slate roofing material, and began our repairs. It was a garage, but because it was two doors, the roof was pretty big, and it took a lot of material and some man power to get the job done; but we were able to get the job done right, the first time.

With new slates, that garage door will be able to make it through, not just this winter, but many winters to come! It is always our goal to provide quick and efficient repairs, as well as repairs that will last for years to come! A good repair will last for more than just a few years; all of our repairs have and will last for many years! For more information about our roofing repairs, or for a free estimate, please give Robbins Roofing a call at 978-535-3682.