Chimney Repair

Like many systems in your home, after a while, your chimney will need to undergo some type of repair; luckily for you, the repairmen at Robbins Roofing will help you with all of your chimney repair needs! It is important to make the repairs to your chimney as soon as possible to prevent further damage and more costly repairs down the road; our technicians will make the repairs, no matter how big or small!.

Our repair services range from crowns, repointing, relining, chimney leaks and waterproofing, all the way to rebuilds & restorations.

Chimney leaks and waterproofing are among the most common repairs we make to chimneys; water can get into your chimney system in a variety of ways, which can lead to rust and erosion. Crown repairs are also important, as it is the cover of your chimney, and it prevents water from getting inside the chimney walls. If you don’t get the crown repaired immediately, it can lead to very costly and dangerous problems down the road. .

Here at Robbins Roofing, we will make all types of repairs to your chimneys, no matter how big or small! To schedule an appointment or for a free estimate, please give us a call at 781-246-3634.

Checkout some of the recent chimneys we have repaired!

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