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We just finished installing Black Rubber for a roof in Newton MA; before, they were in need of a new roof, the old roofing material was well over 15 years old, they were lucky the roof did not collapse! If they stuck with their old roof through the winter, one big snow storm would have collapsed the roof!

So we took off the old slates and made room for the Black Rubber Roofing material. This roofing material is resistant to any type of weather condition, tears, impacts, punctures and light foot traffic.This material is also great for retaining heat; in the winter as you know, it gets cold, and it’s good to have a roof that can hold in the heat and keep out the cold. If you have a high heating bill, you might want to consider having this rubber roofing material installed!

All of our repair and installation services are meant to last for years to come; when we complete a job, it is always well done, and we only use the most reliable and durable products on the market. Before any project, we will inspect the home, and determine right away, which service is needed. With this Newton client, we inspected the roof, and knew that they were in need of a new roof! We went over different products, and we suggested going with the rubber roofing material.

For more information about our rubber roofing services, please give Robbins Roofing a call at 781-246-3634.