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We received a call from a customer in Melrose MA, who was interested in our roofing services; he said that he had no idea when the last time the roof was repaired, or even when it was first installed. So we told him that we would drive down to Melrose and inspect his roof to see what kind of service he needed.

Upon inspecting the roof, we could tell that the roof was more than 30 years old, and he was in need of a roof replacement; we told him that his roof, in the current condition it was in, would not make it past the winter and that the cost to fix it would have been doubled!

He asked for an estimate on what it would cost, we gave it to him, and he said that he will discuss the cost with his wife and get back to us soon; a few days a later he gave us a call and said that he wanted to schedule a time for us to replace his old roof.

His old roof was made of shingles, so stripping the roof wasn’t too difficult; we simply used a tool called the “Shingle Eater” and began ripping off shingles. We started at the top and worked our way down, that way gravity helps with the removal process.

After we removed all of the shingles, we inspected the roof to make sure all nails and pieces of shingle were completely removed from the roof; that way the surface will be prepared and ready for the installation of the underlayment.

Since we were able to remove the shingles, and lay down the underlayment, we were able to install the rubber roofing quickly and efficiently! For more information about our stripping and reroofing services, please give Robbins Roofing a call at 781-246-3634.