5 Common Roofing Problems That Require Professional Repair

Some homeowners are handy enough to fix a small roofing problem, such as replacing a shingle or two. However, there are some roofing problems that require a professional team. Messing around with your roof without knowing what you’re doing is a recipe for disaster. Either you can cause bodily injury or cause extensive damage to the roof. Keep an eye out for these five common roofing issues which, if noticed, require a professional roofing company.

  1. Ponding Water. This is one of the most common issues with residential roofs in the Wakefield and North Shore areas of Mass. Because of the large amount of precipitation the area gets, ponding water is a threat to roofs with poor drainage. It’s important to make sure that roofs are installed with a steep enough grade to create runoff into gutters and downspouts. Without runoff, ponding water weakens shingles and causes rot.
  2. Ventilation. Believe it or not, roof ventilation is needed! Roof ventilation is created by placing vents at the base of a roof and near the top of the roof in order to allow warm air to leave the attic space. Without proper ventilation, air cannot circulate through the roof and indoor air temperatures and moisture levels will not be ideal. This in turn causes damage to the roof rafters, shingles, and insulation.
  3. Faulty Installation. There are many roofing companies out there that just don’t do a good job installing a roof. Our Wakefield roofing company is know for efficient and quality roof installations from experts who know what they’re doing. If parts of the roof aren’t installed properly, this can cause mold and rot problems, air flow issues, and temperature regulation issues down the road. Poorly installed flashing, for example, will cause the roof shingles to blow off in the event of a storm.
  4. Pests. One issue that’s hard to avoid is that of pests and critters. Because the majority of homes are still made of wood, this makes them susceptible to bugs, rodents and other critters. It’s important to have your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year (particularly in the Fall) to check for any signs of bugs and rodents. If the issue is extensive enough, you may need the entire roof replaced.
  5. Punctures or Protrusions. We see all kinds of weather here in Wakefield and the North Shore area, the worst of it being in the winter. Ice and snow storms coupled with gale-force winds can cause punctures in the roofing shingles. Protrusions such as stove vents and HVAC unit vents may have weakened flashing over the years and should therefore be looked at on a yearly basis.

Have you noticed any of these issues with your roof? Contact our professional roofing company in Wakefield MA to schedule repair services today!