Early Fall is Roofing Installation Season

Its finally feeling a bit more like Fall! The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are just a few weeks away from changing, and we’ve still got blue skies and sunshine. Its this time of year that homeowners in the North Shore area are opting for roof replacements, which we highly recommend before any frost or winter snow arrives.

Why Fall is the Time for Roof Replacement

  • There’s still plenty of daylight left, which means our professional roofing crew is capable of finishing up roof replacement projects quickly and efficiently. Depending on your home’s needs, a replacement job will take less than 3-4 days.
  • The weather is more mild, which means the roofing shingles won’t warp. Asphalt shingles are an affordable option for homeowners, but unfortunately in the summer heat these shingles can warp, curl, and become brittle. The colder temperatures will ensure the roofing tiles are laid flat and remain that way.
  • Your kids will be out of the house when the roof is being replaced. For some homeowners, this is crucial! Since it’s back to school season right now, there’s no better time to replace your roof than now because your kids will be away the majority of the day. Opt for a new roof installation during the weekday.

Additional Fall Services for Your Home

In the off-chance that we discover another issue with the exterior of your home (gutter or downspout problems, vinyl siding issues, chimney issues, etc.) you will still have time to make these repairs before the November rains and December snows hit. Our professional roof installation company is here to ensure that you and your family are safe this winter by providing the best roof repair and replacement services around. Contact us for a free project estimate!