What Are Storm Windows?

Have you just moved into an existing┬áhome or apartment and are looking to make some improvements to it? One upgrade to consider is replacing the existing winters with Energy Star certified windows. If you’re looking to add a little something extra, our window installation company highly recommends adding storm windows.

How Storm Windows Work

Storm windows are windows added to either the outside or inside of the main windows. These aren’t permanent and can be taken out and stored in a basement, attic or garage during the warmer months and placed on again for fall and winter. These windows can be made of glass, plastic paneling or plastic sheeting.

Alternative Options

The interior type of storm windows are made of plastic PVC, which as a relatively inexpensive product and easy for the homeowner to install. However, these panels can become warped over time and tend to break easily. If you’re to choose internal storm windows, we suggest homeowners purchase them with metal frames.

If you’re interested in storm windows for your home or apartment in the North Shore and Greater Boston area, contact our window installation company today. We carry the best name brand products that are guaranteed to last longer than their competitor brands. For everything window, siding, roofing and door related, call Robbins Roofing & Contracting!